Why Am I Getting All This Mail and Phone Calls from People Wanting To Buy My House?!!

On my last post, one astute reviewer provided the following feedback – “…I get so tired of calls and mailings from investors who must think I’m stupid or desperate. Keep up the good work! Information is power.


What’s Going Here in Washington DC, Maryland, and VA with all these Calls and Letters?

Ok folks, I’m going to spill the beans.  You may noticed over the past 1-2 years an uptick in mail, phone calls, ring-less voicemail, and maybe people knocking on your door….all trying to see if you want to sell your house.  As a homeowner, I’m sure this can be annoying or frustrating at times.  You may be asking…how did they get my number?  Why do they think I want to sell my house? Are these people crooks?   All legitimate questions and concerns.  Well, most of the companies or individuals who are contacting you are not crooks…just business owners trying to market and solicit business.

How Did We Get Here?

Back in 2008 – 2010, when we coming out of the real estate crash, real estate investors both large and small could simply work with a real estate agent and go onto Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and see 100’s and some cases 1000s of reasonably priced homes for sale in DC metro area and in particular Prince Georges County, MD.  Prince Georges County was one of the hardest hit counties in Maryland (and the country) during the foreclosure crisis, which unfortunately met a lot of housing inventory.  Fast forward years later, for the past three years, finding good deals on the MLS has been harder and harder.  So to adapt, business owners have moved toward sourcing their own deals by doing direct marketing.  Have you seen big “home buying” companies on TV?  See, those “home buying” companies have big marketing budgets and can afford to be on TV.  I just saw a commercial yesterday where a nationwide home security provider is marketing to buy houses.  Go figure!  The small business owner, like me and others, has to find more economical means to reach potential clients – such as cold calling, targeting mailing, door knocking, bandit signs, car magnets, and online marketing.

direct mail


So Russ, What Does This All Mean?

The DC metro area housing market has changed over the past few years.  More competition, less on-market inventory, and low interest rates to just name a few. Small business owners like me are adapting to the changes to stay viable and thrive.   I have to find alternative marketing sources to compete and provide value.  Look, we can buy fast and close in “x” days, no repairs, and no commissions too.  But there are a few important things that we provide that the big companies can’t, are flexible, non-traditional solutions to solve your real estate needs.  Here are a few examples:

  • I can partner with homeowners. You provide the house, our crew does the renovation. We sell the house and split the profits.  Win-Win!
  • No Equity = No Problem. If you have no equity in your house, there could be opportunity for a win-win deal depending on repairs and other factors.
  • I can do a delayed closing, to give the homeowner more time to pack and move. No hurries…on your schedule.
  • If we aren’t a fit for you, we can refer you to a local, high quality real estate agent or even another high quality real estate investor who may be a better fit.

Feel free to leave any questions or feedback.  Do you want to learn more about the different selling options for you house in Prince George’s County, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia? We can help! Contact us today for more information! (240) 685-1580

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